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Dear November Photography was birthed out of a dark pit of miscarrying a child. Since that loss, it has become my mission to create tangible memories for families to cherish.

I'm a photographer based out of South Charlotte, NC. Since becoming a mother, my creative side thrives off of taking photos and turning those photos into pieces of art. I love capturing every side of motherhood and family life. 




He's the brains behind every non creative side of this photography thing. 

My man

Sweet Hallen Amélie and Hazel Marigold. My two whys.

my girls

Zoë August. Our first daughter.

fur baby

If it's not photography, it's yoga.


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Charlotte, NC based.
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This session starts when your active labor begins. I'll be at your side from active labor up to two hours post birth. Deposit needed for due date booking.

Birth - $800

These photos aren't all your typical posed newborn shots, they are meant to capture your new life with your little one. Sessions last 2-3 hours.

Newborn - $400

You, your loved ones, and a place of your choosing. This is a one hour session.

Lifestyle - $300

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I love to talk with you early on in pregnancy so we can "schedule" your birth. It's unpredictable, so I can only schedule 2-3 a month. 

I do like to meet in person once before we schedule so that I can answer any questions you may have, and you can tell me what you have planned for your birth. All that you want and all you don't want! At this meeting, we can schedule your session with 50% deposit, or I can hold your tentative date for a week. The remainder of your payment is due by the time you're 36 weeks just to prepare for an early labor! 

I love for you to stay in contact with me throughout your pregnancy so I can know how you're progressing and what to "expect." Once you're in active labor, you'll call me, and I'll be at your side through the duration of labor until one or two hours post birth. I'll be on call for you from 37 weeks on.

With this, you'll receive 150-200 digital images. 

You can also choose the "Motherhood" package, that includes maternity, birth, and newborn photos for $1200 (complimentary maternity).


This session will happen anywhere form 3 days post birth up to 3 weeks. I like for the little babes to still be nice and sleepy. So we'll schedule something as soon as you're feeling well enough to call or email me. I'll come to your house. I'll set up a beanbag for a few posed shots, but ultimately, I like to do newborn lifestyle shots. This means, we'll do photos with everyone in the family, the baby's nursery, on the couch, the bed... I want to capture the newness of it all with everyone. 

These sessions tend to last about 2 hours depending on the baby. It may be a little less, and it may be a little more. All I ask is that you feed the baby just before I arrive and heat your home up slightly (especially during the colder months).

You'll receive 20-50 digital images from this session.


Lifestyle is the blanket term for anything and everything. My lifestyle sessions can be for your Christmas cards or you can make pancakes in your pajamas. Whatever you want to remember doing with your loved ones, I'm there to capture it. Are you moving, and want to reminisce in your old town? Let's take a walk down those streets and have coffee in a cafe. These sessions are less about posing and more about capturing what you love.

My lifestyle session lasts an hour. 

You'll receive 20-30 digital images. 


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